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INFO-Institut Beratungs-GmbH with locations in Saarbrücken und Cologne has been supporting employee representatives for many years by providing business consulting. Our approximately 20 consultants deliver sound expertise based on their qualifications in the fields of business economics, engineering and social science.

Through our work, we contribute to safeguarding business locations and jobs. Our trademarks are solutions that are in line with sustainable company development.  Besides business consulting for works councils and European works council committees, we also provide advice on the topics of production management and labour organisation as well as organisational development.

In addition, our offer includes holding seminars and carrying out specialized studies.

Consulting for works councils

Is your company experiencing economic difficulties? Or is there a risk of redundancies due to a cost-cutting programme? Perhaps you are concerned with a restructuring project or the transfer of production, parts of the company or even a whole site?

As employee representatives, you are entitled to draw on support from external experts. We enable you to retain a perspective even when the circumstances or business figures are complex. This way, you stay on top of the topic right down to the details. Together, we create concepts for alternative problem-solving approaches that are socially compatible.  We will be glad to provide you with a well-substantiated expert report as a second opinion.

In trying times, you are well advised to have the know-how of experienced and objective consultants on board.

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European works councils

In the globalized world of work and business, companies often take action and make decisions at transnational level. As a result, participation of employee representatives at national level is increasingly reaching its limits.

European works councils therefore stand for cross-border employee representation within the EU economic area. This is relevant for all enterprises that operate Europe-wide.

For this reason, particularly when restructuring is being carried out at transnational level, European works councils have consultation and information rights with an entitlement to obtain support from external experts.

When things get complicated, we are there at your side providing advisory support.

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Seminars for works councils, economic committees, trade unionists and employee representatives on supervisory boards


From the outset, we advise our clients during concrete projects and, in addition, we provide training on all of the content of our fields of consulting.

This is important to us because specialized knowledge is the basis for all collaboration on equal terms with corporate management. Furthermore, as representatives of the employees’ interests, you should have detailed knowledge of your rights and obligations.

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