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Solutions for Works Councils

The focus of our consulting lies on the economic sustainability and social compatibility of all measures. Together with the works councils in the respective companies, we make the case for a social responsible corporate policy and for safeguarding locations and jobs.

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Considering that operational problems often have multiple causes, we take a holistic approach. This means that we take the close links between strategy, structures and processes into account in our consultation. In doing so, we take a participatory approach. Besides sound analysis based on specialist knowledge, it is also important to us to have the acceptance and participation of the employees. In addition to solving operational problems and safeguarding locations and jobs, this is one of the fundamental components of our work. We support works councils in the whole process from the analysis phase through the concept phase right up to support in negotiations including on reconciliation of interests, a redundancy programme and company agreements. The corresponding legal basis in german labour law for this can be found in §§ 80 Section 3 and 111 of the Works Constitution Act (BetrVG).


We support you with advice and assistance

  • We offer the following consulting services for works councils:
  • Business management analysis, strategy analysis and strategy evaluation
  • Crisis management, restructuring, mergers, sales and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Company, location and employment safeguarding concepts
  • Development of future concepts and target images for securing employment in the context of transformation and change processes
  • Work 4.0, New Work, digitalization and artificial intelligence
  • Working time, shift and remuneration systems
  • Negotiation support for company agreements and conciliation board proceedings
  • Production management, work organization and organizational development
  • Business studies


…and, of course, seminars in which we equip you with the necessary knowledge for effective codetermination.


Contact Person

Jörg Kischewski

Jörg Kischewski


Dipl.-Kfm. / Dipl.-Betr.w. (FH) 


Cologne Office

Mobil: +49 174 32 45 44 5

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Michael Hoffmann LL.B.

Michael Hoffmann LL.B.

Rechtsanwalt Wirtschaftsmediator (FH)


Saarbruecken Office

Mobil: +49 152 08 76 21 98

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We offer the following services, among others:


  • Economic analyses and analyses of corporate strategies
  • Crisis management and restructuring / Advice in cases of crisis and insolvency, concepts for safeguarding companies, locations and jobs
  • Working time and remuneration systems as well as shift systems