About us


According to our self-conception, we make the case for a socially compatible corporate policy. This means that the objective of safeguarding the location and jobs has priority. This results in special consideration of the concerns of employees. We place particular importance on the people in the company and therefore also on the corporate culture and personnel development.

What is important to us

Our consulting takes a participatory approach. Not only well-founded specialized analysis but especially the knowledge and acceptance of workforces are required in order to solve operational problems and safeguard locations and jobs. In our view, participation is an essential element in today’s company management. Considering that operational problems never just have one but often multiple causes, we take a holistic approach. This means that we take the close links between strategy, structures and processes into account in our business consulting. This also includes European corporate and employment policy, which is increasingly gaining importance. Especially in cases of reorganisation, we try to reconcile people, tasks and organisation. Process-orientated support in implementing solutions is one of the main components in our consulting.

Our history

25 years of INFO-INSTITUT

Our company was founded based on a contract between the Chamber of Labour of the Saarland and the Saarland regional government. At that time, the Saarland was represented by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Saarland University of Applied Sciences. Thus, in 1996, INFO-Institut came into being or, to be more precise, the "Institute for Organisational Development and Corporate Policy at the University of Applied Sciences e.V." was founded.

Over this quarter of a century, we have gained important experience and made valuable contacts. Today, this enables us to work on behalf of our clients based on a broad wealth of experience and a good network of highly qualified consultants.

Consulting activities for works councils were transferred to INFO-Institut Beratungs-GmbH in 2001 which, in addition to the main office in Saarbrücken, has had a further branch in Cologne since 2007.